Mark Cameron Yachts

2023 – A Retrospective

Happy New Year from Mark Cameron Yachts

Mark, Fiona and Derek would like to wish all our clients and friends all the very best for 2024 as we get ready to wave off 2023.

After a stellar 2022 for Mark Cameron Yachts; we stepped into 2023 with a sense of optimism despite the political and economic challenges the UK faced. Against all our expectations at the start of the year the biggest issue we as a business faced over the 12 months was obtaining a sufficient stock of good quality, sensibly priced brokerage boats to satisfy the demand from clients. Demonstrated by the quick turnaround of those quality yachts we were lucky enough to represent. The wider economic challenges have started to have an impact on the UK brokerage market. Despite the lack of supply; in last 6 months of the year there has been a notable softening in the achieved selling prices with the post-COVID market heat dropping away and normal pricing returning.

BREXIT continues to be an issue for clients both here and in Europe. During 2023 we were delighted to assist clients purchasing yachts lying in Europe and provide advice as they negotiated the complexities of importing the yachts back in the UK. We also completed our first export sale with the Sirius 32DS ‘MOONDOG’ leaving the UK with her new owners bound for Lake Geneva. Hopefully as buyers and sellers get used to the new regulatory and taxation requirements post-BREXIT we will see an increase of business outside of the UK home market; perhaps not to pre-BREXIT levels. Within the UK the landscape for Brokers is changing significantly. As with many other industries, the banks are tightening the requirements around the granting and operation of client accounts; a vital safeguard for both buyers and sellers in any transaction. The new 2024 ABYA (Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents) Codes of Practice addresses the new operating requirements and will see a change in the working practices of ABYA brokers to meet the new codes and the requirements around due diligence. Developed following engagement directly with the banks and at a Parliamentary level the new codes will become an industry standard with one international bank already requiring any yacht brokerage business operating a client account to be a full member of ABYA and adhere to the codes of practice. With Mark a member of the ABYA committee we are well placed to implement the new codes and continue to offer our clients a safe and reliable service as we move forward into 2024.

The team here at Mark Cameron Yachts are enjoying a well-deserved festive break before getting back to work on January 4th. While we take a short break before getting back to business for 2023 we thought it was a great opportunity to have a look at the highlights from 2023.

January 2023

The lovely 2010 Cornish Crabber 26 KINTAIL II was the first sale of the year.

Cornish Crabbers Brokerage

February 2023

The 2011 Hanse 400 TARSKAVAIG was sold to new owners based in Northern Ireland, she had to wait until March for a suitable weather window to make the passage to Ireland.

Hanse 400

The sale of the 1998 Vancouver 34 Classic TANERA MOR marked the first of several Vancouver yachts we would successfully sell for clients in 2023

Vancouver 34 Classic

March 2023

We were delighted to find a new owner for the 1973 Grand Banks 32 LITTLE SHIP for the second time in two years as her owners upgraded to something a little quicker.

Grand Banks Brokerage UK

We were delighted to receive instruction to act in the sale of the 1999 Najad 361 LORA MHOR The sale concluded in June.

Najad 361

April 2023

The sale of the 1991 Aqua-Star Ocean Ranger 38 was completed with her owner delivering the boat to Conwy in Wales for handover to her new owners.

Aquastar Ocean Ranger 38 for sale

The 2005 Arvor 250AS Delux MISUZU found a new owner after just 13 days on the market

Arvor 250AS

We received instruction to act in the sale of the 2010 Malo 37 TROFAST. We are delighted to close the year with the boat under offer and due to be surveyed early in 2024.

Malo 37

May 2023

We were delighted to find a new owner for the 2007 Aquador 28C SHEARWATER II, just a few months after selling her last.

Aquador 28C

We received instruction to act in the sale of two Hallberg-Rassy 94 Kutters, always a popular boat for cruising in Scotland and both attracting a huge amount of interest.

Hallberg-Rassy 94 Kutter

Hallberg-Rassy Kutter 94

June 2023

The 1989 Hallberg-Rassy 312 ERISKA sold to new owners.

Hallberg-Rassy 312

We received instructions to act in the sale of the 2002 Regina 38 RHUMOR. Always a popular choice for cruising in Scotland this lovely example attracted a huge amount of interest. The sale successfully concluded in August.

Regina 38 Deck Saloon

July 2023

The 2005 Dale Nelson 38 PILGRIM V sells after just over two months on the market. She headed south to her new home waters on the south coast of England.

Dale Nelson 38

2005 Malo 40 Classic EVA sells after just a matter of weeks on the market. Her new owners enjoyed the rest of the season exploring the waters of Scotland’s west coast before heading south with the boat for the winter.

Malo 40

Having successfully sold a number of Seaward Boats over the years we were delighted to receive instructions to act in the sale of the 2015 Seaward 23 WEE BISCUIT, just one of a number of boats from the Seaward stable we would represent in 2023.

Seaward boats Seaward 23

August 2023

The 2004 Grand Banks 46 Classic ANNE OF ARDFERN come to the market. We had been working with the owner since early summer to prepare the boat for sale. One of the most admired motoryachts in any marina she is a proper little ship.

Grand Banks 46

The immaculately presented 1978 Seamaster 925 LUCY M found a new owner after just a matter of weeks on the market, one of two Seamaster 925’s we sold during 2023.

Seamaster 925

The 1998 Nauticat 331 STROMA sells after just a matter of weeks on the market. The first of two Nauticat 331’s we would sell in quick succession during 2023.

Nauticat 331

September 2023

We receive instructions to act in the sale of another Dale Nelson, the 2003 Dale Nelson 38 AUTUMN SPIRIT

Dale Nelson 38

The magnificent 1946 McGruer Sloop KELANA finds a new custodian. Wintering in Scotland she will head south in 2024 eventually to end up on the classic regatta circuit in the Mediterranean.

Classic McGruer Yachts for sale

We are delighted to receive instructions to act in the sale of another magnificent McGruer built yacht, the 1962 McGruer Yawl ELONA.

McGruer Yawl

The fantastically well-equipped 1998 Seaward 25 BLUEBELL sells after just weeks on the market.

Seaward 25

October 2023

The month kicks off with the sale of another Seaward boat, the 2004 Seaward 23 OSPREY

Seaward 23

The one owner from new 1998 Oyster 42 KAPARDA sale completes.

Oyster 42

The 1994 LM33 Vitesse Cabrio POPPY finds a new owner.

LM 33 Vitesse


November 2023

We were delighted to conclude the sale of the 1978 Nicholson 35 AMARYLLIS of CONWY, the second time we sold the boat in 2023!

Nicholson 35

The 2009 Sirius 32DS MOONDOG sells and starts her long journey to Lake Geneva.

Sirius 32DS

We received instruction to act in the sale of the 1990 Hallberg-Rassy 45 GINNY. Attracting a huge amount of interest with a deposit secured in a matter of weeks, we look forward to concluding the sale early in 2024

Hallberg-Rassy 45

The 1994 Vancouver 34 Pilot PHOEBE marks the 4th Vancouver yacht of 2023 we are appointed to act in the sale of. She also becomes the first boat to feature in one of our new style walk-thru video.

Vancouver 34 Pilot

The beautifully maintained 1976 Hallberg-Rassy Monsun 31 AQUARIUS sells after just a matter of weeks listed for sale.

Hallberg-Rassy Monsun 31

December 2023

The 1997 Nauticat 331 OISIN sells within 6 weeks of being listed for sale with Mark Cameron Yachts, the second of two Nauticat 331’s we were delighted to act in the sale of during 2023.

Nauticat 331

Squeezing in just before the festive break we receive instructions to act in the sale of and fantastically well-equipped 2011 Belliure Bellimar 890 LADY M. This boat is the second listing to feature our new style walk-thru video.

Belliure Bellimar