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New Listing – Eygthene 24 ‘NEMESIS’

Eygthene 24 for sale

Mark Cameron Yachts are delighted to have been appointed to act in the sale of the Ron Holland designed Eygthene 24 ‘NEMESIS’.

An inexpensive entry-level club racer the Eygthene was designed and launched by Ron Holland 1973. The Eygthene being one of his first designs; the efficient hull shape and sail plan firmly establishing the Ron Holland brand after winning the Quarter Ton Cup in its first year. A New Zealander by decent the name Eygthene originated from the pronunciation in a strong Kiwi accent sounding like EIGHTEEN; the designs old IOR rating number.

Her lines are unique and very much a result of a design which in its day was a ‘rule beater’. The wide beam at deck level running into a more conventional beam at the water line letting the crew sit as far as possible from the centre line when on the rail. This additional leverage helping to keep the boat flat on the water. The benefits of this shape below is a very spacious interior for a boat of its size.

The hull shape is unusual. The boat has a very wide beam at the deck level, whilst the waterline beam is slimmer and more inline with other boats of its era. Originally this design allowed the racing crew to place their weight far from the centreline of the boat in order to keep it flat. This arrangement makes the boat great for cruising as well as it makes the interior of the boat really spacious.

NEMISIS currently in cruising trim benefits from an inventory with highlights such as:

  • Topsides can decks painted 2019.
  • New standing rigging fitting in 2019.
  • Furlex 104S roller reefing system.
  • SolĂ© 10hp marine diesel engine. (2011)
  • Origo 2 burner spirit stove.
  • Road trailer.

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Eygthene 24 On Deck

Eygthene 24 ‘NEMESIS – On Deck

Eygthene 24 Below Decks

Eygthene 24 ‘NEMESIS – Below Decks